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Review of Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X lens

I had read favorable reviews about this lens and ordered it online with great anticipation. However, there appeared to be an incompatibility problem between the lens and my Canon xSi, as it didn’t seem to focus perfectly using the standard through-the-viewfinder autofocus. It seems to focus quite well when using the camera’s slow live view focusing system, (which seems to work well with all lenses) so I can tell that probably the only fault with the lens is that it simply doesn’t work with my new Canon. (The lens predates the camera by three years, so you can’t really “blame” the lens; it’s the manufacturers who have no interest in being compatible with third party lenses. Canon warns you not to buy third party lenses, though that’s what all manufacturers say). I went through the hassle of getting two of these, and neither focused properly. It might be a Canon firmware deficiency , but there is no update for the xSi firmware at this time. I wanted to warn anyone else out there that I’ve tried two of these, and neither worked well except when using live view focus, and so I must reluctantly return this one and perhaps go with the Sigma 10-20 mm and cross my fingers.
UPDATE: Canon did issue a firmware update for the XSi, and although they don’t say that it helps autofocus, it sure seems to me that my Canon f/1.8 50mm lens, which never used to focus well, now seems to focus much better. Of course the firmware update was issued two days after I returned the Tokina. Wish I had it back now, though the Sigma 10-20 has given me a number of very nice photos.